Sing And Dance Your Way Into Halloween In Any of The UglyDolls Costumes

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UglyDolls costumes stems from UglyDolls, a computer animated comedy that was released in the spring of 2019. With its popularity, this means that there will be many costumes for the movie this year. It’s a movie based on the wildly popular plush toys of the same name.

In UglyDolls, only the perfect dolls are the ones that can go to children. The other dolls, the ones who are deformed, are dropped down into Uglyville. The movie is all about the world of dolls and how they end up with humans.

Moxy, the protagonist of the movie, Moxy, is determined that there’s a kid in the world for every doll and she leaves Uglyville with a group of friends in the hopes that she can find the kid for her.

If you would like to go as the film’s heroine this Halloween, you have a few different options.

Moxy UglyDolls costume

  • The first one is a bright pink zip up hoodie.
    • The hoodie features Moxy’s face on it.
    • The bottom of the hoodie is elastic for a snug fit.
    • The hoodie is also the perfect way to stay warm on a chilly Halloween night.

To complete this look as seen in the picture, you’ll need to purchase matching pants and heart accessories.



UglyDolls Moxy costume dress


  •   If you have a little one you want to make sure stays warm while they’re out trick or treating, you can get a full body costume for them to wear.

This costume is a onesie that will cover your child entirely except for her face.

The onesie has Moxy’s face printed on the torso, and it also comes with an attached hood. The hood is designed to look like Moxy’s head.

Another popular character from the movie is Ox. Ox is also voiced by a well-known musical artist, Blake Shelton.

Ox is the unofficial mayor of Uglyville. He was once good friends with the film’s antagonist Lou, but he’s now a mentor to all the dolls in Uglyville.

UglyDolls Ox costume

Ox helped to create Uglyville in the hopes of protecting all the dolls like him from the rejection he felt in the outside world that’s known as Perfect.

    • Ox’s costume is a cozy one-piece jumpsuit.
    • The jumpsuit is green and features Ox’s face on the hood.
    • The hood is also padded to provide extra warmth.
    • You can complete the look by purchasing matching giant green padded gloves. These usually have four fingers just like Ox does in the movie.

You can also buy the Ox jumpsuit with Ox’s face on the chest instead of on the hood. With this one, though, the hood still comes attached.

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