Want To Feel Reprogrammed And Sent Back In Time? Then The Terminator Costume Is For You

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I’ll be back,” he said. And he is. All you have to do on Halloween night is don the terminator costume and show the world that the Terminator is indeed back and ready for action.

With the upcoming movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, this costume will surely be one of the sought-after costumes this Halloween. For fans of the original Terminator, the story line is similar – and with more non-stop action.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the original Terminator, will also reappear in the movie as T-800. And the Sarah Connor character is still rough and tough as she shows up to help the cyborg Grace make sure Dani stays alive. The villains in the movie are Terminators that can travel through time and are trying to kill Dani.

John Connor costume

Child’s John Connor Terminator Costume

    • The child’s terminator costume for John Connor is a jumpsuit that has a shirt with a printed design on it.
    • This design is made to look similar to the one in the movie, so it looks like a layered outfit complete with pockets and a belt.
    • The vest is printed to look like it has two mid chest fasteners on it.
    • It has arm gauntlets printed on it, but the pants on this jumpsuit are plain.
    • However, another version has a similar top design – except for a red arm band. The pants on this version have print knee pads.


Cyborg costumes

There are many versions of the cyborgs so there’ll be a variety of Halloween costumes based on these versions.

    • Many of them are facial masks, which are designed to look like metal under human skin.
    • One of these is a latex application that can be cut so that it perfectly fits the face. This one features a piece that appears to be a cyborg injury to the human part so that the metal shows through.
    • There’s a little bit of blood and gore around the exposed metal.
    • The eye from the latex mask piece is bright red and will definitely give that cyborg creep factor.
    • You can get another version of this latex mask piece that shows exposed teeth and gums along with some of the metal chin.


T-800 mask

 Of course, the most popular cyborg costume mask is the one designed in the likeness of T-800.


    • You can get that mask which features the same facial damage as in the original movie.
    • Nearly half of one side of this mask shows the cyborg hyper-alloy skeleton. The details on this mask make it appear as if there’s metal under human skin. Some of these details include bits of damage to the other side of the face with cuts to the skin.
    • You can add the same style black T-shirt, pants, boots and jacket like the Terminator wore to make this costume even more realistic like the movie. And don’t forget the dark sunglasses—if you want an authentic look on Halloween night.

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