Superhero Costumes For Boys

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Superhero costumes for boys are not in short supply. From guardians of the earth to those who uphold the law, superheroes abound in comic books, movies, and TV series. And your boy can be any superhero he wants to be on Halloween.

Popular boys’ superhero costumes

Batman costume

Bruce Wayne saw his parents murdered when he was a child and that event influenced him to become Batman when he became an adult.

The Batman costumes come with a variety of options.


  • Some are the original black with a gold belt.
  • The black costume comes as a jumpsuit with arm bracers and shoe covers.
  • Others are blue, like the one in The Brave and the Bold
  • The blue one is also a jumpsuit with a muscle chest that has the Batman logo.

The Batman costume may also come with a cape and the famous bat mask.

  • Other colors are available like the blue costume.
  • This costume may include an attached cape and gauntlets.
  • It can also come with a blue bat mask and shoe covers.



Spiderman costume

Before he became Spiderman, Peter Parker was an average guy until he was bitten by a radioactive spider after which he developed superpowers.

You have your choice of Spiderman costumes:


  • The traditional costume has a printed spider web graphic over blue and red.
  • Some jumpsuits include the black spider logo on the chest.
  • The jumpsuit may also have a padded chest or padded muscle arms.
  • The mask may have mesh over the eyes, or only come as a half mask, covering the top of the face.


The Flash costume

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of its character, another superhero that boys love is the Flash.  Bright red, The Flash costumes have yellow embellishments.

The Flash originally appeared as Jay Garrick, but was later renamed to Bartholomew Allen, known as simply Barry to his friends and family.



The Flash’s greatest power is his superhuman speed.

  • The Flash costume is traditionally a red jumpsuit with a padded chest. Some of them, however, depending on the manufacturer, comes in darker red.
  • In some cases, the mask is attached on some of the costumes.
  • These jumpsuits will sometimes have either red or yellow boot covers along with the red gloves.


Superman costume

Superman costumes are another popular superhero costume for boys is Superman.

Clark Kent is a lovable, shy reporter for The Daily Planet. When he transforms into Superman, Clark becomes a crime-fighting hero.

  • His costume is a jumpsuit that matches his outfit in the typical Superman movies and comic books. It’s blue with a yellow belt and has the famous S is also printed on the padded chest.
  • The costume may include a long red cape and matching boots.


Captain America (The Winter Soldier) costume

 Captain America is a superhero often called upon to save the day. Kids as well as adults enjoy portraying this American hero in costume.

There are several different styles of the Captain America costume.


  • One of these is a child costume in either dark or light blue.
  • These costumes are a one-piece jumpsuit made from polyester.
  • This costume has blue at the top as well as at the bottom.
  • The middle of the costume has red and white stripes that’s designed to look like it’s layered.
  • There’s also a belt design that’s part of the costume and is not a separate piece.
  • The mask included is part of the hat design. It makes it easy to stay on a child’s head without any annoying straps.
  • You’ll see many of these costumes showing a child holding a shield.
  • Note that most of these costumes do not include the shield, so shop carefully if you want to have it as part of your purchase. But you can buy this separately along with the Captain America gloves and boot covers.


Green Arrow costume

You don’t need to be an expert archer to don of the varied Green Arrow costumes. Since he was first introduced, Green Arrow has become one of the most well-known superheroes.

Oliver Queen used to be the spoiled, selfish billionaire heir to the Queen fortune until he ended up stranded on an island, cut off from his family, friends and fortune. When he’s able to return home, he takes up the cause of righting injustices done by criminals.

  • One of his costumes for the Green Arrow is a gray jumpsuit with green details and no accessories.

But other costumes come with the mask that keeps his identity hidden.

  • You can find some that also include his arrow quiver and thigh holsters.


Ant Man costume

The Ant Man costumes spark boys’ imagination of shrinking while growing stronger. He has superhuman strength and agility. The costume is a suit Ant Man wears that allows him to shrink his size and increase his physical strength.

  • The Ant Man jumpsuit comes in black with red details on the chest and legs.
  • The costume also comes with an attached belt.
  • Some costumes include the mask which is silver with red stripes.


In addition to the superhero costumes for boys suggested above, there is no shortage of alternative superhero Halloween costumes for boys that is available for your boy to choose from.

You can select from the phenomenally popular Marvel superheroes accessories or DC Comics superheroes.

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