Looking For Something Strange on Halloween? Step Into a Stranger Things Costume

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Vintage is the name of the game with Stranger Things costumes this year. With Stranger Things still being one of the hottest shows on Netflix, it’s not surprising that the third season costumes would be on the list of top Halloween costumes.


Together with its old school look and feel, the show has built a large following. It’s based on the story of Will, who mysteriously disappears.

His mother, Joyce, begins to communicate with him through the lights in her house. But when she tries to tell people that her son is not dead, people begin to doubt her sanity.

The show has a science fiction, supernatural story line that’s made it one of the most binge-watched shows available today.

The popularity of the series has guaranteed that costumes based on the characters from the show are going to fly off the shelves for Halloween.

Among the popular Stranger Things costumes are:

  • Stranger Things Eleven costumes

The costumes are based on the girl with psychokinetic powers, who at one point lived in the Hawkins National Laboratory.

You’ll find the Eleven costumes in items like her signature dress and socks or her plaid shirt. You can also find the overalls she wears as a costume. There are some extras that are sold with the different costumes – such as her blonde wig as well as her short wig.

You can find costumes for that character in both the child or adult sizes.

The hairstyles on the show are a nod back in time to when the ‘80s reigned and many of the character costumes consist of a shirt and a wig or just the wig alone.

  • The Dustin costumes

Not exactly screaming “fashion icon,” Dustin is very laid-back in his simple t-shirt and vest. Toss on his signature hat and you’re ready to go.

  • Stranger Things 3 Dustin


  • Strange Things Costume Demogorgon

Although not scary in the traditional sense of Halloween scary, Stranger Things has provided scare in the form of Demogorgon.

So if you think Stranger Things may be too tame for you, check out Demogorgon.

He’s creepy enough to send chills down your spine.  Wear the Demogorgon costume and be transformed into a chilling predator. One look at the costume says it all.

This predator lives in the Upside Down world. He was given the name based on a character in a video game by some of the other characters in the show. Demogorgon’s costume features the mask as well as the body suit and some of them also contain pieces to cover the hands.

  • The waffle costume
Stranger Things waffle costume

Waffle Stranger Things Season 1 costume

Ah, here we go: the true option when it comes to breakfast–waffles. Obsessed with waffles—specifically Eggo–Eleven has elevated this breakfast treat.

So of course, we now have the waffle costume.

Because Stranger Things is such a popular show, regardless of what character you represent in your Halloween costume, you’ll no doubt be recognized. So while up and about trick-or treating don’t be surprised if you’re called by the character show’s name.

The Stranger Things costumes are perfect for group trick-or-treating. Just gather your closest friends or family together and you can easily pull this off without it costing an arm and a leg.

But whether you decide to go it alone as any of the characters or a group, you’re sure to be a hit in any of the Stranger Things costumes.

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