Have You Decided Which Star Wars Costume You’ll Wear This Halloween?

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You love Star Wars and there’s no way you’re not going to wear a Star Wars costume this Halloween—again, for the umpteenth time. And thanks to the latest Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi, you have a wide selection. Still, whether you choose the Dark Side or the Rebel Alliance, you’re bound to find a costume from the Star Wars series that suits you.

Rey costume Amazon

Rey Costume

The Last Jedi reinforces the story of beloved characters in an epic battle of good versus evil. The franchise introduced new characters in The Force Awakens and continued to evolve those characters in The Last Jedi. New heroes emerged.

Among them was the popular Rey. This character was a scavenger but went on a quest to find Luke Skywalker. She quickly became one of the fan favorites. You can find the Last Jedi Rey costume in a variety of sizes for both children and adults.

Some of these may be bundled together so that you can also get some extra accessories, like the light saber and wig — along with her belt and bag. But not all her costumes are sold with everything included.

Supreme leader Snoke costume



Another popular character, but one who was no hero, was

  • Supreme Leader Snoke – whose goal was to destroy the Order. He was the one responsible for corrupting Han Solo’s son, Ben who became Kylo Ren.

The costume for Snoke can have a robe as well as mask and hands as part of the bundle.

Kylo Ren Costume[/caption]

Some of them will also have a saber and others will also have the boots. The mask and hands are made of latex.

Kylo Ren Star Wars costume Amazon

Kylo Ren Costume

  • The Kylo Ren costumes will welcome you to the Dark Side.  Popular with both children and adults, this costume will make you feel as you’re really from a galaxy far away. These costumes generally consist of the cloak, shirt, pants, belt and black gloves.


  • Most of these don’t come with boots or boot toppers. Some do come with the light saber and mask, but some don’t.
  • Villain turned hero, Finn, was once a stormtrooper, but went on to become a hero instead. You can find his costume in several sizes.

Just as is portrayed in the movie, these various costumes will consist of a jacket, pants and shirt. Some of them will also include the belt and holster.

Star Wars Stormtrooper costume Amazon

Women’s Stormtrooper Costume




These are usually jumpsuits and while some can be made of cloth, others are made of molded plastic or latex.

One of the most beloved characters who began in the original Star Wars is

  • Luke Skywalker

It was devastating to some fans to see his demise in The Last Jedi. There’s a Star Wars costume available for Last Jedi Luke Skywalker that’s made up of a hooded cape along with pants.

You can get the wig and beard, too – either with some of those or as a separate accessory.

The belt and light saber may also be sold as extras. You can find these in both children’s and adult size costumes.



As much as the Star Wars franchise has evolved over the past few years, true die hard fans still will always find a Star Wars costume to fulfill that yearning for adventure in the far-away galaxy. Whichever costume you choose, may the force be strong with you, especially as you celebrate Halloween.


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