Love Dinosaurs? Then These Jurassic World Dinosaur Costumes Are Waiting For You

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Jurassic World costumes from the popular movie will no doubt be top Halloween costumes again this year. Dinosaur costumes are simply in.

Based on the successful movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the costumes are replicas of prehistoric dinosaurs. Here’s the storyline:

On the remote Isla Nubular, an island off the coast of Costa Rica, is a tourist park named Jurassic World. It contains dinosaurs that were cloned from prehistoric DNA.

After a decade of the park being open, it closed thanks to the containment breach, when the dinosaur Indominus Rex got loose.

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Jurassic World dinosaur costumes for Halloween

Even though the dinosaurs are the antagonists, you find yourself rooting for them. If you want to be one of the more dangerous dinosaurs, you can go as the Indominus Rex.

Dinosaur costume Indominus Rex

Indominus Rex

She was one of the main antagonists of the Jurassic World series. A mix of genes from other dinosaurs, including the T-Rex, Rugops, and Velociraptors is how she was created.

The Indominus Rex costume is a jumpsuit with detailed scales on it, designed to look just like the fearsome predator. Boot covers are attached to the suit so you can have the same clawed feet as the dinosaur.

  • The tale is attached to the costume and you can stuff it if you want
  • It includes a mask is, but it isn’t attached to the jumpsuit.
Jurassic World Costumes Velociraptor costume

Kids’ Velociraptor Costume

While a lot of Velociraptors picked humans off in the movie, one of them did become Owen’s pal.

Blue is a cute Velociraptor and now you can dress as her for Halloween. The Velociraptor costume

  • The costume is a jumpsuit with detailed scales to give the appearance of the Velociraptor.
  • This suit also comes with attached boot covers and with claw-like fronts.
  • It includes a mask.
Baby T-Rex Jurassic World Costumes

Baby T-Rex Costume

If you have a little one, you’ll want to check out the baby T-Rex costume.

  • The most popular T-Rex in Jurassic World is undoubtedly Roberta, though her name in the novel was Rexy.
  • This baby T-Rex costume is a small jumpsuit with an attached tail and headpiece

She inadvertently saves the main characters of the movie from other dangerous dinosaurs. She is the largest carnivore on the remote island.

  • The headpiece is plush, so it won’t irritate your little one when you take him trick-or-treating.
  • The jumpsuit comes with an attached cracked “egg” so it appears as the baby dinosaur is hatching.
Jurassic World costumes Owen

Owen Costume


Then there’s Owen. _______  One of the non-dinosaur costumes from this popular movie is the Owen Grady outfit.

The Owen costume is made up of

  • his famous vest that he wears through most of the movie.
  • you can purchase the zippered vest in multiple sizes.
  • the sleeveless piece also comes with zippered pockets.
  • may also include pants and a shirt. There may be a slight variation in the design between manufacturers.

And listen, you can get your favorite canine in on the act. Dress up your dog as a dinosaur for Halloween. There are Jurassic World costumes for pets as well.

The dinosaur T-Rex costume for dogs is similar to the one for babies, but it’s a simple slip-on with arm holes. It also come with a head mask with teeth that are wide enough so that it doesn’t cover your dog’s face.

In any case, get going with your shopping for your Halloween costume. The Jurassic World dinosaur costumes are selling out like hot cakes.


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