The IT Costume May Transform You Into A Demonic Killer Clown

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Don the IT costume this Halloween and you’ll be representing the demonic killer clown. Now, usually, you don’t associate the adjectives ‘demonic’ and ‘killer’ with a clown but dress up in the IT: Chapter 2 costume for Halloween and you’ll certainly scare and strike fear in the hearts of anyone you encounter on Halloween night.

Pennywise costume

IT Costume

If you weren’t afraid of clowns, one look at the IT will change that. Also known as Pennywise, this creepy clown character is based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel titled IT. This mysterious being from who knows where, was a clown, IT, a killer that haunted and terrified children as well as adults.

He was so creepy that one glimpse of his lair where he kept some of his trophies from the children he killed was enough to make even the toughest viewer feel a chill. Had the look and feel of an evil character whose name strikes fear and elicits shivers.

In the latest movie IT: Chapter 2, the Pennywise clown takes evil to a whole new level.

While this creepy character is just as scary as ever before and his latest costume gives a nod to that horror, you can find IT costumes that are available for Pennywise from the past IT version, too.

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