Make It A Family Affair In These Incredibles Costumes

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The Incredibles costumes are still popular, even though the movie is quite a few years behind us. In fact, there’s a sequel currently in the works. It was a fun movie about the Incredibles family of superheroes who each have special powers.

The family is attempting to live a quiet life until a villain forces them from hiding to save the world. Kids of all ages love these superheroes.

Mr. Incredible red and black incredibles costumes

Mr Incredible costume

Mr. Incredible is the leader of the family and has super human strength. Because of people discovering his powers, he’s moved his family around several times over the course of their lives.

The Incredibles costumes are ideal for group or family costumes

Mr. Incredible costume is a red jumpsuit that proudly displays the “i” for Incredible on the chest.

The suit is stretchy and has muscular padding. It also comes with long gloves and black boot covers. The color and accessories can vary depending on where it’s purchased.

Mrs. Incredible is seen as the glue that holds the family together. She has powers of elasticity and is often called Elastigirl.

Mrs Incredible


Mrs. Incredible costume is a jumpsuit that’s similar to her husband’s, but the costume doesn’t include the muscular padding. It can come with long black gloves, and the family’s signature eye mask.

You can also get Mrs. Incredible’s Elastigirl costume.

Elastigirl costume from family incredibles costumes

Mrs Incredible Elastigirl Costume

  • This silver bodysuit differs from the family’s standard jumpsuits by having a different logo on the chest.
  • Elastigirl’s logo is a large “G” in red.
  • The belt on the suit is done in the same color.
  • The costume can also come with gloves and a mask.

Violet is the only daughter in the Incredible family. She has the power to become invisible and can create force bubbles around others and herself.

Incredibles Violet costume is…

  • a red jumpsuit with the family’s “i” signature on the chest and it also comes with
  • a black elbow length gloves.

Some Violet Incredibles costumes also include the black eye masks Violet wore.

Violet Costume Dress

You can also buy Violet’s outfit as a dress instead of a jumpsuit.

The dress has the same colors but comes with tights to complete her look.

Another from the Incredibles costumes is for Dash, the second child in the Incredible family. He has super human speed, which he often uses to annoy his older sister.

Dash Incredibles costume

Dash Costume

The Incredibles Dash costume:

  • red jumpsuit with a black line along the collar.
  • The bottom of the suit legs is black to give the impression of knee-high boots.
  • It also comes with black gloves.
  • It may include a black eye mask.

You can also get the muscle Dash Halloween costume.

The youngest member of the family is Jack-Jack, the Incredibles baby; and he’s the cutest shapeshifter around.

Incredibles baby onesie

Jack Jack Costume

The Jack-Jack costume is

  • a tiny romper that can fit children up to twenty-four-months.
  • Incredibles baby onesie
  • It has snaps up the legs and an easy loop closure on the back.
  • There are black lines on the wrists and collar and it has the memorable ”i” logo on the chest.
  • Some Jack-Jack costumes also come with a black eye mask.

Edna, the fashion designer for the Incredible family has her own costume as well.

Incredibles Edna costume comes with

  • a tunic with the familiar blue color scheme.
  • Some come with the black glasses similar to the ones Edna wears.
  • a wig for her dark bob.

The Incredibles costumes are a great idea for anyone looking to find costumes for a family theme; likewise for Incredibles fans.

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