Shopping For Halloween Costumes For Women

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Halloween costumes for women are surely in no short supply.  With an abundance of styles and a variety of tastes, women can have their pick, transforming simple women’s Halloween costumes into something magnificent. So, if you’re a woman about to shop for a costume, your options are limitless.

Wonder Woman Halloween costumes


One of the most popular costumes for women is the traditional Wonder Woman costumes.

If you’re looking for a sexy costume, then you can choose just about any theme and you’ll find a sexy version of it online.

  • you can choose the dress from Stranger Things, that’s cute and simple or
  • you can select one that’s revealing and flirty from the variety of superheroes films. Or
  • you can find a female pirate costume that looks realistic or
  • if you ready for the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, there’s a women’s Halloween costume for that, too.
  • you can also find a Lady Zorro costume that gives you that powerful, feminine appeal. Then there’s
  • a belly dancer costume is a gorgeous choice for women of all shapes and sizes. These usually come with a top and pants or a skirt (so that your belly is exposed).
  • Some also include a matching veil piece. If you want it to be authentic, then get a set of finger zills or cymbals. These go on your thumbs and middle fingers and allow you to play while you dance.

Some women will select a classic costume for Halloween, such as a witch costume, nurse, vampire.

There are those who will opt for a cute animal theme.

But you can also choose one that fits with the current year’s popular characters.

  • The Queen of Thrones would be a relevant and good choice this year – especially with the popularity of the Game of Thrones series. These are beautiful period pieces that reflect another time.


  • Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters opened the doorway for some amazing Gretel costumes. They give you that peasant look, and you can be as demure or flirty as you want in this costume.


  • The popularity of The Walking Dead has made zombies a top pick for Women’s Halloween costume. The manufacturers have created some great costumes this year, like zombie housewives – whose look is a little tattered, but in a way that looks perfect.

If you’re pregnant, then there are really cute costume ideas for you.

Of course, there are classics like the “bun in the oven,” but you can also be an adult fairy, witch, angel, or devil.

Don’t forget that if you are plus sized, you’ll be able to find just about any costume that you see for smaller women in your size, too. Also, you might find some great deals that aren’t in the average size department.


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