Halloween Costume Buying Guide

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As Halloween approaches each year, shipments of the latest costumes are delivered from manufacturers to online retailers and local stores. Parents shop online to help their kids (or themselves) find the right costume for school, parties and trick or treating.

How to shop online for your Halloween costume

Shopping for Halloween costumes can be a little trickier than shopping for regular clothes. Because Halloween is a popular holiday, stores everywhere sell out their inventory fast – so your first job is to shop early.

Many smart consumers start shopping in the summer before Halloween. This ensures that not only can they find the right costume as far as character or theme goes, but they can also find the right size.

Shopping online for costumes is much more convenient because most local stores don’t get their supplies in until close to the exact date. And as soon as they’re there, you have to contend with the crowds of other moms and dads who are determined to get their kids the right costume, too.

  • One of the primary advantages of shopping online is that you can compare prices and other incentives (for example, free shipping) and find lots of accessories to really bring the costume to life. You can also find many consumer reviews to help you decide whether the costume is right for you or your child.


  • You want to look for costumes that have great quality, not something that will fall to pieces the second you or your child puts it on. You might pay slightly more for better quality, but that means the costume can be worn again – which is especially important if you like to keep your child’s costume so they can use it for dress up play.


  • Sometimes size can be especially challenging when you’re shopping for Halloween costumes. Some manufacturers have them sewn so that you might need to buy a size bigger or a size smaller than what you normally wear.

That’s where consumer reviews can be helpful.

Other buyers can tell you if something runs large or small. It’s also a good reason to shop early – if something’s not sized appropriately, you’ll have time to send it back for a correct fit.

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