Want To Save The World? Wear A Black Panther Costume And You’ll Feel As If You Can

Black Panther TChalla costume

  Dress up in any of Black Panther costumes on Halloween and you’ll feel as if you can save the world. Black Panther, one of 2018’s biggest movies, gives us a vast array of costumes to select from this Halloween. T’Challa, the main character in the film, made his first appearance in the 60s when Tell me more

Love Dinosaurs? Then These Jurassic World Dinosaur Costumes Are Waiting For You

Jurassic World costumes from the popular movie will no doubt be top Halloween costumes again this year. Dinosaur costumes are simply in. Based on the successful movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the costumes are replicas of prehistoric dinosaurs. Here’s the storyline: On the remote Isla Nubular, an island off the coast of Costa Rica, is Tell me more