Incredibles Edna Mode Costume

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Strange as it may seem, the Edna Mode costume is one of the costumes at the top of popular Halloween costumes list this year. Nothing sexy here, so step aside all the sexy outfits or scary costumes. Here comes smart stylist, Edna Mode.

Edna Mode costume AmazonEdna Mode Costume Amazon

And just who or what is, Edna Mode? You may ask.

Well, Edna is the fashion designer for the Incredibles family. Not only a designer, she’s also proficient in science and technology. And with the release of the popular movie, Incredibles 2, this mini stylist is back in the spotlight. But this time, more so than ever.

Making superhero suits for the Incredibles that complements their superpowers as well as their abilities, Edna’s responsibilities also include looking after Jack-Jack, the Incredibles’ baby. And guess what? Jack-Jack also has superpowers. Imaging taking care of such a baby.

Not in the traditional sense of superheroes outfits, Edna’s costume is simple really.

Show up to your Halloween party as the superhero stylist. This is one of those costumes that easily can be a DIY. All you need is

  • Heavy black rimmed glasses – Edna’s signature glasses
  • A blue tunic to look exactly like the one Edna wears in the movie or
  • Fringed or pleated leather mini skirt
  • Black wig – depicting Edna’s dark bob cut
  • Furry black coat
  • Black shoes or boots

Still, if you choose to go the ready-made route, here’s what you’ll get with your purchase:

  • The wig
  • Dress
  • Glasses

You’ll need to buy the shoes/boots and leggings separately.

Although it works well as a stand-alone, the Edna Mode costume would be a must addition to your group Incredibles costumes to make it look even more authentic.

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