Head Out To Zombietown In A Disney Zombies Costume

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Dressing up as a Disney Zombies costume is a fun way for kids to walk around as the undead – but without the scary makeup.

Portraying more hope than horror, this popular 2018 Disney Channel movie takes place in the town of Seabrook which is divided between zombies and humans.

The zombies are transferred to a human high school, where they become friends with several classmates and where two young people from different backgrounds fall in love.

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One of the most popular costumes from the movie is the one for Addison.

Addison is a cheerleader on the human side of Seabrook and one of the main characters in the movie.

The Addison costume is a pink cheerleader’s uniform that she wears throughout most of the movie. Some variations of the costume have a purple stripe on the left side of the skirt, and green coloring across the shoulders. There’s also a slight slit in the skirt, depending on the costume you get.

You can get it with the Mighty Shrimp mascot picture on the side of the skirt, and the large S on the front of the top. Some also come with pom-poms like the ones in the movie.

Addison had white hair, which she covered up using a blond wig. Some Addison costumes come with this white wig to complete the look. But with other ones, you may have to buy it separately.

Another well-liked character for the Disney Zombies costume is Zed

Zed is the other main character from the movie and is a zombie boy who gets transferred to the school.

You can find Zed’s costume in two different styles.

  1. The first one is his every day clothing.
  • This costume can come with the torn jacket he wore throughmost of the movie as well as the matching pants.
  • The costume can also come with the white undershirt and Z foam bracelet.
  • The Z bracelet is what keeps zombies from wanting to eat brains.
  • Some styles of the jacket will have the eyelets and shoelaces through the sleeve near the elbow. The shirt is designed to look worn and ripped in several places.


  1. The other Zed costume is his football jersey

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    Disney Zombies Zed Football Jersey Costume

  • It’s tailored to look like the one in the movie, so it’s the pink and green colors that match Addison’s cheerleading costume.


Not to be left out of the mix is Eliza, one of Zed’s closest friend, who eventually becomes Addison’s friend as well.

Eliza’s costume can come with

  • her brown pants and jacket with the patches sewn on.
  • It can also come with the gray undershirt and
  • the Z foam bracelet that matches the one like Zed’s.

Another great costume–especially for little kids–is the one for Zoey. She is Zed’s little sister. She helped Addison and Zed develop a routine during the cheer competition.

 Zoey’s costume can come with

  • a jacket and matching skirt.
  • The skirt and jacket both may have printed graphics on them that are similar to the ones Zoey had on her outfit in the movie.
  • There may also be an attached undershirt so the jacket can be worn open.

Like Zed’s and Eliza’s costume, Zoey’s can also include the Z foam bracelet. The outfit may or may not include a working zipper.

Cheerleader or zombie? Whichever side your kids are on, they sure will be making a statement in a Disney Zombies costume.




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