Ready for Psycho Doll Chucky Costume?

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The killer doll Chucky costume will surely have you ready to terrorize on Halloween. With its stitched-up face mask, this red-headed psycho doll costume is enough to scare anyone.

Child's Play Chucky costume

Chucky costume

The Chucky costume consists of …

      • blue overalls with printed designs
      • a shirt, and a plastic face mask.
      • the overalls has a pocket.

The designs are made to look just like the ones on Chucky’s outfit in the movie.

The movie, Child’s Play, is about a doll who becomes horrifyingly self-aware and begins to terrorize a single mom and her thirteen-year old son.

Chucky was an average, regular doll until a factory worker, distraught over being fired, turns off all of Chucky’s safety protocols. Chucky then takes on the soul of a serial killer.

Unaware of the doll’s evil power, single mom Karen takes Chucky home to give to her son Andy. Chucky quickly shows his owner that he can think for himself, and even harms people who are mean to Andy.

The pocket on the front of the overalls has the words Good Guys printed across it.

    • With large, red buttons on the straps, the Chucky costume overalls is worn with the long-sleeved shirt that’s included with the costume. It has a red color and matching red cuffs at the sleeves. The shirt is colorfully striped with red, blue, pink, and green lines.
    • The plastic mask is designed to look like Chucky’s face.
      • One eye socket is slightly bigger than the other, just as you see Chucky’s in the movie.
      • The mouth is pulled back in a smile that shows just the front teeth.
      • The forehead and left eye of the mask have red streaks, resembling the cracks in Chucky’s head and face.
      • The mask also has the same stitches that Chucky’s face has.
      • The top of the mask has plastic red hair, with a part down the middle.

You definitely get the same spooky vibe from this Halloween costume as you do from the on screen Chucky.

Chucky’s costume dress

You can also get Chucky’s costume as a dress. It’s similar to the overalls but doesn’t come with a plastic mask.

Chucky costume dress

Chucky dress

    • The top of the dress is designed with the same look of the overalls, but it flares into a skirt instead of pants
    • The shirt included is also colorfully striped, but it’s short-sleeved, unlike the one that comes with the overalls.
    • It also comes with thigh high red hose.
    • To complete the look, you can pick up a red wig as an accessory.
    • Don’t forget to get red tennis shoes with white laces, and a knife or dagger with fake blood to finish off the Chucky look.
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