Catboy PJ Masks Costume

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Catboy PJ Masks costume is surely a winner this Halloween. Parents can’t go wrong with PJ Masks costumes when it’s time to find just the right costume for your child on Halloween.

Many of these costumes are easy to wear jumpsuits that are perfect for toddlers. The popularity of these costumes is thanks to the Disney Junior programming that features the primary characters of Catboy, Gekko and Owlette on the show.

Each of these costumes portrays the different animals as seen on the show. Your child’s imagination will surely take flight as he or she dresses for Halloween celebration.

You can bet that almost every toddler has one of these characters at the top of their Halloween costume wish list.

Superhero Catboy PJ Masks costume

Catboy PJ Masks Amazon

PJ Masks Catboy Costume

Catboy is the leader of the group. His cat ears give him superhuman hearing, and he can leap higher and farther than anyone.

    • His costume is a jumpsuit with shoe covers.
    • It also comes with a matching hood mask and gloves.
    • Thin feline tail that makes Catboy so recognizable.

The Catboy PJ Masks costume may sometimes have the cat features on the mask and even include tails on the bodysuits. Your toddler will love the costume so much, he won’t want to take it off.

PJ Masks Owlette Costume

The good news is that these costumes can be worn by boys or girls.Then there’s Owlette:

Another PJ Masks costume favorite is Amaya. She lives next door to Catboy. At night, she turns into Owlette, which gives her magnified vision as well as wind and surfing abilities.





  • The Owlette costume is also a jumpsuit and shoe cover
  • Attachable wings do come with the suit, and
  • A mask and gloves complete the outfit.


PJ Masks Gekko Costume

PJ Masks costume Gekko

Gekko Costume


PJ Masks costumes makes Halloween easy for parents

  • Because these costumes are for toddlers, there’s not a lot of fuss getting them in and out of the capes.
  • You can simply use the velcro fastener to keep them on over your child’s clothes.
  • These costumes come in an array of designs and many of them have capes that are done in a selection of colors.
  • Once Halloween is over with, your child will still enjoy playing dress up and pretending to be a superhero while wearing the costume.
  • The majority of the capes that are part of these costumes are about 24” in length and have a span of 26”.
  • They’ll comfortably fit a toddler and you won’t have to worry about your child tripping over capes that are too long.

These costumes have to be hand washed and you’ll want to air out the costume when you first get it. The costumes are made of thin polyester and they’re strong. They can withstand even the most demanding night of trick or treating.

  • The masks that come with these costumes are as easy to get on and off as the capes are.

Kids love them because they’re decorative and are made to look just like the animals the costume portrays.

One feature that parents like about the masks is that the strap isn’t too snug and the eye holes in the mask allow the child to have a clear, unobstructed view when walking.

Set up your child’s super Halloween night by having him go trick-or-treating with friends in the Catboy PJ Masks costume or either, Gekko, Owlette or any of the other characters in the popular show. Bet they won’t soon forget the experience.

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