10 Of The Best Couples Halloween Costumes

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Many couples go through this every year: Which costume to select from the reported best couples Halloween costumes this year. With so many ideas. There are so many ideas online from the pre-made, fully assembled couples costumes that you can purchase to the individual choices that you can pair yourself.

Here are a few couples’ Halloween costumes that you may want to consider:

Contemporary Halloween costumes for couples:

1. Chucky and Bride of Chucky from Child’s Play movie. Yep. Believe it or not, psycho doll Chucky has a bride, Tiffany, who shares his love of bloodshed. And they’ll be ready to terrorize on Halloween.

      • With its stitched-up face mask, this red-headed psycho doll costume is enough to scare anyone.
      • blue overalls with printed designs
      • a shirt, and a plastic face mask.
      • the overalls has a pocket.



      • Veil
      • Choker
      • Jacket


2. The Joker and Harley Quinn costume

 With the Joker movie such a hit, there’s little doubt that the costume from the movie will be in demand. Still, there’s history to the Joker with Harley Quinn. Their dysfunctional relationship has garnered fans. Why not pair them together for a Joker and Harley couples costume this Halloween, seeing they are no longer “an item” in the current movie world?

Dark Knight Joker and Harley Quinn costumes

  1. Elsa and Kristoff from the Frozen 2 movie…
Frozen 2 Kristoff

Kristoff Costume

Elsa Frozen 2 Costume

Elsa Costume

  • The Elsa costume…
      • a brilliant blue floor length dress with sequins on it to make it sparkle like the princess’s dress in the movie.
      • the sleeves of the dress are sheer and so is the floor length cape.
      • the costume can come with a tiara, blue gloves, and a braided wig. But not all of them do, so you might have to buy some of these items separately.

 The Kristoff costume comes with…

      • a black tunic that has gray faux fur on the collar, sleeves, and bottom edge.
      • The belt is red, pink, and purple, designed to look like Kristoff’s from the film.
      • It also comes with a matching black hat and gray boot covers.


  1. Captain America and Black Widow from the Avengers Endgame movie

The Marvel blockbuster hits are ripe for pairing costumes. So, how about pairing…


  • The Captain America costume…
  • A blue jumpsuit with red and white accents
  • Jumpsuit has attached shoe covers,
  • The chest has Captain America’s star emblem
  • Half face mask with Captain America’s “A”




  • Black Widow costume
        • Jumpsuit that’s form fitting
        • Black belt and black gloves
        • Holster set as pictured
        • You’ll need to buy a short dark red wig to complete an authentic look



Traditional popular couples Halloween costumes

  1. Morticia and Gomez from Addams Family

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  1. What goes together like bacon and eggs? A bacon and eggs couples costume.
couples Halloween costume

Bacon and eggs couples costume

No one will have to guess if you belong together when you wear the adult bacon and eggs couples Halloween costumes to the party.

      • They’re made from lightweight foam covered with fabric that resembles bacon and eggs and easy to wear over clothing.



  1. The Plug and Socket Halloween costume for couples is one that always make people laugh.

Plug and socket couples costume

      • This set comes with a giant socket tunic — giant gray sockets on the front and opening flaps for the prongs.
      • The prong costume is made of white foam and has an elastic waistband with an attached “cord.”
      • There are two large gold fabric prongs in front that “fit” into the socket.


  1. Ever dreamed of being a circus performer? Now you can make your fantasy come true when you wear the adult Women’s Knife Thrower assistant costume. Team it up with the

      • Target board
      • Shirt, sash, braces, knife belt and velcro “knives”


  •   tulle bustle and knife headpiece
  • gold fringe, black and white stripe costume dress printed with blood splatter and bloody knives
  • with printed blood spatter, knives


Check out circus performers’ costumes






  1. Typical tourists. We’ve all laughed at the typical tourists in bright Hawaiian print shirts, shorts and the inevitable camera around the neck.


Now you can recreate this hilarious couple by wearing the adult Tacky Traveler Tourist costume and be the stars of a Halloween party.

  • The costume is unisex to be worn by men or women and includes the jumpsuit with a wire hoop for a “beefy” effect.


  • Add a lei, straw hat, drinks, big bag and hang a camera around your neck and get ready for a good time.





  1. Adam and Eve: How about going to the party as the couple who are the father and mother of us all – Adam and Eve? And, you don’t even have to get naked.

Adam and Eve couples costume

      • The adult Adam and Eve couple costumes are flesh-tone jumpsuits with leaves to cover certain body parts.
      • Leaf headpieces complete this unique couples’ costume.


With such a large selection and ideas for couples Halloween costumes, whichever one you decide on surely will be a winner.

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