10 Best Costumes for Dogs And Cats

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Ready to go trick or treating with your beloved pooch? Hope so. Because you know they want to be in on the fun. Here are 10 of the hottest Halloween costumes for dogs and cats…

  1. UPS Dog Costume
UPS delivery man dog costume

Delivery UPS Dog Costume

      • As one of the best dog costumes this Halloween, your dog wants to know: what can Brown do for you? This delivery doggie dog costume slips easily over your dog’s neck and chest for a perfect and comfortable fit.
      • Your pet’s back end and back legs stay free so he or she can walk, sit down, or do his business while still managing to look hilarious and lovable.
      • The attached package gives this costume the authentic look of the delivery dog.


  1. Halloween Pumpkin Sweater for Dogs or Cats


This costume for either dog or cat is a comfy sweater for your little “pumpkin.”

      • Keep your pet snuggly warm on those chilly October days, particularly on a cool Halloween night.
      • Made from stretchy yarn so the sweater will fit comfortably and allow room for your pet to move.
      • Makes a great Halloween costume to wear while trick or treating, or just for any autumn outing.
      • This cozy pet sweater comes in sizes extra small, small, medium and large.




  1. IT dog costume
Pennywise Dog IT costume

IT Dog Costume

Transform your innocent-looking pet into the demonic killer clown for Halloween. This pet costume has all the trimmings of the real thing

      • Ruffles at the neck of the costume
      • Red pom-poms in the front of the shirt
      • Stuffed arms for the shirt with one arm holding the red balloon
      • Red wig
  1. Lion Mane Dog Costume


Lion mane dog costume

Dog Lion Costume


Consistently on the list of best Halloween costumes for dogs, the lion dog costume will turn your pet pooch into a roaring lion.

      • Durable lion costume for dogs slips easily over the neck and shoulders for comfortable fit with a lot of room to move
      • Will keep your pet cozy and warm for trick-or-treat or just while out for a walk.
      • Front legs, back legs and hindquarters remain uncovered, so your dog can run and frolic with ease, relax for a bit, or do his business without getting messy.
      • Easy to wash and care for, either by hand or in the washing machine
      • Comes in sizes small and large only.




  1. Black Spider Cat or Dog Costume for Halloween

Your beloved pooch may just grow 8 legs in this black spider costume for dogs or cats. You’ll transform your pet into this creepy crawly thing for Halloween. This spider costume…

      • pet-perfect costume goes around your dog or cat’s neck and chest for a fuss-free fit every time.
      • Made of soft, comfortable cloth, costume stays on the back leaving all four legs and hindquarters free so your pet can move about with no problem.
      • Dress up your pet before heading out to trick or treat. He or she will be a hit at your Halloween party.


  1. Halloween Bat Wings for Dogs and Cats
bat costume for dogs and cats

Cat or Dog Bat Wings Costume


Your Halloween cat or pup will go batty for this pet-perfect Halloween costume.

      • Pair of all-black dog- or cat-friendly bat wings wears comfortably without being overly constricting to your pet.
      • Two felt belts, fasteners designed with magic tape
      • Convenient size adjustment for neck and chest.
      • Adjustable, soft band slips on easily at the neck and chest with plenty of room for movement.
      • Made from black felt cloth, this Halloween pet costume is lightweight and comfortable
      • Won’t interfere with walks, snacking or potty breaks.




  1. Moose Halloween Costume for Dogs

Moose Costume for Dogs

This Halloween, your dog will trick everyone for a treat when he or she shows up to the party in this hilarious moose costume.

      • Realistic looking antlers and fur, crafted of comfortable, soft plush-covered material to keep your dog warm and cozy this fall.
      • Slips easily over your dog’s head and promises a comfortable fit with plenty of room to move.
      • Front legs, back legs and hindquarters remain uncovered, so your dog can run and frolic with ease, relax for a bit, or do his or her business without getting messy.

Your dog will get extra wear out of his or her moose costume when you break it out again at Christmas time.


  1. Glow in the dark skeleton costume for dogs

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Dog Costume

Another cute costume to  keep your dog warm for the trick or treat adventure. This comfortable hooded costume sweatshirt is…

      • Made of thick cotton
      • Features your choice of black or orange, each with its own unique design.

Black sweatshirt has glow-in-the-dark skeleton bones.

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Dog Costume


Glow in the dark orange sweatshirt features jack-o-lantern face.

      • Slips easily over your pup’s head for quick on and off.
      • Ideal if you plan to go trick or treating with your pet, take your dog along for trunk or treat, or just head out for a walk on a crisp Fall day.





  1. 50s Girl Dog Costume for Halloween


Get ready for some doggy doo-wop with this adorable, 50s girl costume made especially for posh pooches and considered a top contender for one of the best dog costumes this year.

      • This high quality dog costume features pink poodle skirt with matching pink hair bow.
      • Slips on over dog’s head and front legs.
      • Back legs and hind quarters remain free so your pet can move about without a problem.
      • Costume stays put over your pet’s back, though the skirt may need to be moved out of the way during potty breaks.


  1. Halloween costume set for cats



      • Vampire cloak
      • Bat wings
      • Devil horn
      • Witch’s hat



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