Stay In The Game In One Of The Avengers Endgame Costumes

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There’s no shortage of costumes to choose from if you decide to wear one of the Avengers Endgame costumes this Halloween.

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers were left separated after Thanos decimated half of the population.  The Avengers Endgame movie picks up where Infinity War left off, with the same beloved characters that remained.

These characters wanted to find a way to bring back the ones they’d lost. With such a large cast, there’s no shortage of great selections from the Avengers: Endgame costumes to choose from this Halloween.

Captain America

Avengers Endgame costumes Captain America

Captain America

One of the most popular Marvel superheroes is Captain America. The character first came onto the scene in 1941.

As a super soldier, he fought alongside the Allies in World War II. His real name is Steve Rogers, who was a fragile man until he took a serum to bulk him up, turn him into a super solder and helped him fight in the war.

    • The Captain America costume is a blue jumpsuit with red and white accents
    • The jumpsuit has attached shoe covers, and the chest has Captain America’s star emblem on it.
    • The costume also comes with a half mask for the face and that has the Captain’s trademark A on it.

To complete the look, you can purchase the matching red, white, and blue shield. Some of the costumes will come with the shield but otherwise, it’s sold separately.

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Another great superhero choice from the movie is Thor. He first entered the comics world in 1962 and the character is based on the Norse god of the same name.

Thor is a god, but in the beginning of the original Thor movie he’s cast down from Asgard to earth by his father after he makes a rash decision and has to learn to live among humans.

    • The Thor costume is a padded jumpsuit with a muscled chest.
    • It’s black and silver with red and blue embellishments.
    • A red cape also comes with the costume.
Thor Avengers Endgames costumes

Out of shape Thor in Avengers: Endgame

To complete the look, you can buy a blond, shoulder-length wig as an accessory and you can also buy Thor’s famous hammer as well.

Although in Avengers: Endgame Thor was not quite himself for a part of the movie, he’s still a favorite.

So you can either be the out of shape Thor, who lost his way for a while, or the classic confident Thor of old.

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Black Widow


If you want to go as a femme fatale this Halloween, then check out Black Widow costume. Black Widow’s real name is Natasha, and she debuted in the comic world in 1964 as a Russian spy.

She ends up working at S.H.I.E.L.D and falling in love with the superhero Hawkeye.

  • Black Widow’s costume is a form-fitting black leather jumpsuit.
  • It comes with a black belt and two matching black gloves.
  • It also includes holster sets similar to those Black Widow wears.

To finish off the Black Widow look of Avengers: Endgame, you can buy a short dark red wig.

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Loki costume





If you’d rather dress up as a villain, Loki is a great choice. He’s another god and is also Thor’s adopted younger brother. He’s the god of mischief and uses his powers and intelligence in his plans for revenge.

    • The Loki costume is a green and black jumpsuit with gold accents.
    • The torso is slightly padded for definition.
    • It comes with a flowing green cape, and Loki’s gold helmet of curled ram horns.

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Thanos Avengers Endgame costumes

Thanos costume



Want to step into the role of another villain in Avengers: Endgame? Then Thanos is your man.

In his warped thinking, Thanos thinks he can save the other half of the universe by first destroying it.

    • The Thanos costume consists of a jumpsuit with attached wrist cuffs and boots
    • Infinity gauntlet
    • Chest armor
    • Mask


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Deciding which character from the Avengers: Endgame costumes you want to be for Halloween may be challenging because there are so many costumes to choose from. But better hurry and get yours; the movie was a spectacular hit and no doubt there’ll be a run on the costumes.  Remember, too, that these are perfect for a group costume.

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