Trick Or Treat 2021: Is It Safe During The Pandemic?

(This post was originally published October, 2019. It’s been updated to reflect changes for Halloween 2021.)

Covid-19 is still strangling the world, so Halloween 2021 will be just as challenging as last year. Trick-or-treating will be an unforgettable experience for everyone—not just the kids—if you decide to celebrate Halloween during the pandemic.

But is it safe to have fun in the traditional way Halloween has been celebrated?

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in our daily lives and the world is living in a new normal (at least for a while). So, Halloween activities will no doubt be curtailed, quite different from the past.

Because many parents will not want to disappoint the kids, they will try to have some semblance of Halloween celebrations while maintaining safety. They, after all, do look forward to picking out their favorite from the abundance of Halloween costumes for kids.

And let’s not forget: Halloween is for adults, as well, whether you want to celebrate with a friend and select from some of the best couples Halloween costumes, superhero, or choose your favorite group costumes .

That may mean having home celebrations instead of the traditional trick-or-treating—going from door to door getting goodies—especially in groups.


Is trick-or-treating safe this year?

Still, although the CDC says that trick-or-treating outdoors poses less risk than traditional Halloween house parties and the usual run-of-the-mill assorted Halloween parties, the risks involved are still there.

Check out what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Halloween COVID-19 guidelines are about celebrating Halloween during the pandemic. They break down the activities that carry the most risk for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Parents, however, may be skittish about taking the chance of what is involved in COVID-19 Halloween outdoor trick-or-treating, so they may opt for scaled back Halloween celebrations at home with people within the same household.

Nevertheless, all the paring down of Halloween activities does not mean there will be no costumes. Of course not. After all, what is the Halloween experience without Halloween costumes?

• Selecting Halloween costume is a major part of welcoming Halloween festivities. So, everyone will still enjoy selecting their costumes, which can be done online.

• What it does mean, though, is that parents likely will opt to have indoor Halloween decor (must set the right ambience, right?)

”Halloween decor
• Halloween decorations can go a long way in contributing to the festive mood of the holiday, especially for the kids. Some adults will admit that they vicariously enjoy Halloween festivities as much as the kids so don’t deprive yourself (or the kids).

Put up Halloween decorations indoor as well as decorate outdoor and yard—the front porch as well as the backyard—if you live in a house with those features.
Otherwise, decorate your apartment.

Although trick-or-treating 2021 still may not be on the same scale as is traditional, Halloween 2021 can be celebrated at an acceptable level of enjoyment.

Just make sure you patiently explain to the kids why Halloween celebrations are still so different this year.


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